COVID-19 Statement

Our stores are open for business, and we have introduced new measures to ensure the safety of our customers, employees and staff:

  • The process for new customer enquiries remains unchanged; customers can enquire via our websites, phone or email us for a quote.
  • Customer signup process including ID checks will take place electronically.
  • No cash or cheques will be accepted. Credit/Debit cards and payments via Bank transfer (BACS), Sagepay and Direct Debit (if available) will continue to be accepted.
  • Our staff have been provided with appropriate PPE for their use, and should it be necessary for you to go into the reception area, you will be required to wear your own PPE in the form of gloves and masks/face coverings. Only one person is permitted to visit the reception at a time.
  • We are observing social distancing and although the facility does not have a high number of people visiting, we have installed Perspex barriers in receptions, hand sanitiser, floor markings and signage to make sure everyone remembers.
  • Only one person is allowed in the lift at a time.
  • Our cleaning regimes have been intensified with particular focus on the most commonly touched areas.
  • We will temporarily no longer be accepting deliveries on your behalf although you can be on site and accept your own delivery.
  • Packaging materials are available to order by phone and can be collected by appointment only.
  • Anyone with coronavirus symptoms, should not visit our stores.
  • Individuals who have shown coronavirus symptoms in the last 7 days or who are from a household where someone has shown the symptoms within the last 14 days should also not visit our stores.