Secure Shredding

It's crucial that businesses take their responsibility to destroy sensitive documents and customer data seriously, to ensure they are compliant legally.

Rugby Self Store can provide businesses with a secure and confidential shredding service, to ensure that you remain compliant with all regulations. Secure shredding can be one less thing for you to worry about with our service.

Once you have handed over your documents to our team of experts, we ensure their security throughout our premises, and their destruction is handled by our trained and monitored team. You can be sure that all of your documents will remain confidential throughout the entire shredding process.

Do you have an upcoming audit? Or do you just need to tidy up and dispose of old documents? We can help.

Secure document shredding

Just throwing away sensitive documentation and paperwork simply isn't enough - everything needs to be shredded and thoroughly destroyed to make sure that any sensitive information doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Arranging your secure shredding can be a pain, which is why here at Rugby Self Store we offer a collection service to save our customers time.

We are experts in the proper handling of secure shredding, so you can be confident by using us for your data shredding you will remain legally compliant.

Installing dedicated shredding facilities

Does your business regularly produce a large amount of documentation to be shredded? Then it might be worth thinking about installing your own shredding facilities onsite.

We can provide you with shredding consoles, which our team then collect and empty regularly.

Hardware destruction

Paperwork isn't the only thing in an office environment that should be securely disposed of - computer hardware needs to be securely destroyed too.

This includes:

  • Hard drives
  • Storage devices
  • Electronically stored data including USB sticks

Choose Rugby Self Store to handle your hardware destruction and our fully trained team will document everything that is destroyed and provide you with proof for your records.

Domestic or Personal shredding customers

It's not just businesses who may require shredding services, there is also a need for shredding for sensitive and personal documents in the home.

Domestic and personal customers are therefore welcome to use our secure shredding service, too. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.