Packing Materials

Rugby Self Store Packaging Materials

We have a selection of different, high quality packing materials for you to choose from when it comes to moving home or storing your items.

You can order your packing materials directly from Rugby Self Store - including boxes, bubble wrap and tape, along with more specific packing materials such as TV boxes and mattress bags - and we will deliver them to your home or office, whichever suits you best.

If you need some advice on the amount and types of packing materials you may need, then a member of our team will be happy to advise. 

High Quality Cartons
Medium Box £2.50 each
Large Box £3.50 each
Tall Box £4.50 each
TV Box £15.00 each
Document storage box £4.00 each
Packing Materials
Packing Paper £10.00 per ream
Packing Tape £2.00 per roll
Fragile Tape £2.00 per roll
10m Bubble Wrap £6.00 per roll
25m Bubble Wrap £12.00 per roll
Shrink Wrap £10.50 per roll
Furniture Covers
Single Mattress Cover £3.00 each
Double/King Mattress Cover £4.00 each
Armchair Cover (2 pack) £4.00 each
Sofa Cover (up to 4 seater) £4.00 each
Removal Blankets £4.00 each
Useful Extras
Marker Pen £1.50 each
Snap Blade Knife £2.00 each
Padlock £6.00 each
Combination Padlock £10.00 each
Tape Dispenser £8.00 each
Cotton Grip Gloves £2.50 each
Tape Measure £5.00 each